Request to save energy and electricity this winter (December 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023)


2022/12/12 Monday Announcements, Culture and Leisure

In October 2022, the national government announced that although it was able to secure the power necessary for stable supply in all areas of the country, there was a possibility of power shortages.  In order to supply stable power, we will request power saving and call for cooperation in energy saving and power saving within a reasonable range.

Mie Prefecture will continue to work on saving energy and electricity.  We would like to ask all residents and business operators to review their lifestyles and business activities and cooperate in saving energy and electricity within a reasonable range while paying attention to measures against the coronavirus infection.

In addition, if there are elderly people, infants or people in poor health at home, as much as possible please cooperate while paying attention to their well being.

Energy saving efforts example

  • Wear layers of clothing to lower the room temperature during heating.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights.
  • Avoid overcooling the refrigerator, opening the door less often, and not overpacking food.

Contact (in Japanese only)

Mie-ken Koyo Keizai-bu Shin Sangyo Fukko-ka Energy Seisaku-han (三重県 雇用経済部 新産業振興課  エネルギー政策班)

〒514-8570 Tsu-shi Komei-cho 13


The Japan Tourism Promotion Campaign “Oideyo!  Mie Tabi Campaign” has been extended

2022/12/12 Monday Announcements, Culture and Leisure


The “Oideyo!  Mie Tabi Campaign” (おいでよ!みえ旅キャンペーン), which will give discounts on travel to residents nationwide was scheduled to end on December 20, but has been extended until December 27.

When using the discount, please take basic measures to prevent the coronavirus infection.

Campaign period

October 11 (Tuesday) to December 27, 2022 (Tuesday)

In the case of the use of accommodation facilities, the checkout is until December 28 (Wednesday)

Person eligible for the discount

People living in all 47 prefectures of Japan

Terms of use

Proof of 3 doses of COVID-19 vaccine or (negative) test results must be presented on the day of travel.

Reservation method

Please make a reservation from an accommodation facility, travel agency, or accommodation facility reservation site.

(Please check the website of each company to see if the discount applies.)

Discount details

40% of the travel price for the campaign will be discounted.

Discount limit

Travels that includes accommodation and use of transportation such as airplanes and chartered buses: 8,000 yen per person per night

Travel options other than mentioned above: 5,000 yen per person per night

Day trip 5000 yen


Tourists on weekdays can get a local coupon worth 3000 yen. Holiday travelers can get a local coupon worth 1000 yen.

Consecutive night limit

This discount is applied for 7 consecutive nights.

Contact information (Japanese only)

Office of  “Oideyo! Mie Tabi Campaign”

Phone number 050-3354-7655 (9:00 to 18:00)

For other details, please see Website: