We invite you to join Women in Innovation Summit 2016

Women in Innovation Summit 2016の募集について

2016/09/05 Monday Seminars and Events

Women in Innovation Summit 2016

WIT 2016

Within the declarations made by state leaders gathered in the G7 summit in Ise-Shima, “women’s performance” has been defined as essential to a steady progress of the global economy. Mie Prefecture, based on this subject, and as the most important governmental matter for the effort and consolidation of the “society in which women shine”, will hold the international forum “WIT 2016” under the topic “women performance in all sectors”.

This forum will kick off the perceptions of new living and working ways that have been requested in current times. The invite to join the event is both for women and men.

Date and time: 2016, 23 September (Friday) – from 10 a.m to 6 p.m

Location: Suzuka Circuit (Suzuka-shi Inou-cho 7992)


  • Special message in a encouraging video (Kennedy, ambassador of the United States to Japan)
  • Keynote Session “The future conquered by regional and female power”
  • Session on special subjects
    “Diver city – Management strategy”
    Women performing in the STEM area”
    “Agriculture Women”
  • Trial tour in the running track
  • Exhibition of new technologies
  • Presentation and award of new models of women’s working ways
  • Unanimous declaration
    Among others

*The event will be held in Japanese, but interpretation in English is expected.

*A lunch box will be prepared for lunch, using selected products from Mie Prefecture.

– Capacity: about 200 people

– Free of charge

– Deadline for registration: 2016, 9 September (Friday)

– Mean of registration: through the special website WIT [http://women-it.jp/ (only in Japanese)]

If you have trouble in making the registration through the website, please, send an email to  iris@pref.mie.jp,  containing the following:

– 参加者氏名(your name)
– 所属名(name of the entity you belong to)
– 住所(address)
– E-mail
– 電話番号(telephone)
– 可能な言語(日本語または英語)[the language you master (Japanese or English)]


三重県男女共同参画・NPO課 (Gender Equality and NPO Division)
Tel: 059-222-0466(only in Japanese)

E-mail: iris@pref.mie.jp


2016/09/05 Monday Seminars and Events



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