Mie Agriculture and Commercial Cooperative Fair


2011/08/25 Thursday Seminars and Events

Title: Mie Agriculture and Commercial Cooperative Fair
Location: Messe Wing Mie (Tsu City, Kita Kouji-Cho 19-1)
Description: There will be various events introducing, sampling and selling agricultural, industrial and marine products all produced right here in Mie Prefecture. And for the first three hundred visitors we will also be giving away free gifts of ball pens and cell phone straps. Entry to this event is free.

Note: This event is Japanese language only.

For a map please consult the Japanese language flyer

Date: 2011-10-02

Mie Prefecture Hokusei High School Announcement regarding the exam for the selection of new students this autumn

2011/08/25 Thursday Seminars and Events

23年度 三重県立北星高校秋期入学選抜試験のお知らせ

Avaliable Download: Japanese Guidance (PDF)

Hokusei High School, in the northern area of Yokkaichi City, is seeking part-time and correspondence course students for enrollment in October 2011. For detailed information on the required qualifications, application process and the content of the entrance exams, please read the attached file entitled Implementation Guidelines (Japanese only.)

As all classes and exams will take place in Japanese, Japanese language ability is essential.


1.Application Desk Period and Office Hours

From Monday 5th of September to Monday 12th September 2011, between the hours of 9am and 8pm (on the 12th of September the office will be open 9am to 5pm only)

* Please send applications directly to Hokusei Prefectural High School


2.Date, location and content of exam

Wednesday 14th September 2011 – from 9:00am

Exam will consist of an interview and essay

Kenritsu Hokusei Kōtō Gakkō (Yokkaichi-shi, Ōaza Mochifuku, Aza Yokoza 668-1)


3.Date and location of result announcement

Friday 16th September 2011 from 10:00am

Hokusei Prefectural High School


Hokusei High School Homepage http://www.mie-c.ed.jp/hhokus/index.htm