Job Fair for Nursing and Welfare Services Professions


2014/01/23 Thursday Seminars and Events

~Supporting people who want to work for society and others~


1 Date and time: Saturday February 8, 2014
(1)Hear about the benefits of working in welfare services from people in the field

11:00~12:00(Registration starts at 10:30~)
(2)Nursing and Welfare Services Festival

(3)Nursing and Welfare Services Job Fair

13:00~15:30(Registration starts at 12:30~)


2 Location Yokkaichi Municipal Center for the Arts Exhibition Hall

(Yokkaichi-shi, Yasujima2-5-3)


3 Event details
(1)Hear about the benefits of working in welfare services from people in the field!(Free admission, please register before the event to participate)

(2)Nursing and Welfare Services Festival(Free admission)
・Welfare services equipment display and demonstrations
・Health checks


(3)Nursing and Welfare Services Job Fair(Free admission)
・One-on-one consultations concerning employment, etc.


For more information, visit:

*Please remember to bring a writing utensil and note taking materials to the event.

*This event will be conducted in Japanese only.


4 Enquiries should be directed to:
Mie Prefectural Welfare Human Resources Center
TEL: 059-227-5160
FAX:  059-222-0170

feira - fair Mie

A message from the Mie Prefectural Police regarding Emergency Calls (110)

2014/01/23 Thursday Seminars and Events


If you are the victim of or witness a crime or accident, 110 is the number you should call. You can use this number to reach the 110 emergency operator center from anywhere in Mie, and it is an important way to report matters to the police.

policia-mieAfter dialing 110, calmly explain to the operator what happened. The operator may ask you questions about where the incident took place, the current situation, etc. Do your best to answer the operator’s questions in a calm and collected manner.

Dialing 110 to report theft, suspicious vehicles and other matters by helps the police respond to accidents and solve crimes in a timely fashion.

Recently, the number of people using smartphones to dial 110 has increased. There is a 110 emergency operator center for each prefecture, and people who dial 110 on their smartphones near the border to another prefecture may be connected to an emergency operator center outside of Mie. If this happens to you, calmly provide your location and details of the situation to the operator, and you will be connected to Mie’s emergency operator center.

【A request from the Mie Prefectural Police】

110 is an emergency number and should not be used to report lost items, request new drivers licenses, etc. To contact the police with non-urgent enquiries, please dial #9110 to reach the Prefectural Police General Call Center. The General Call Center is open from  9AM to 5PM on weekdays.

110 ban - mie policeYou can dial 110 from any smart phone, mobile phone, or PHS phone, as well. However, you may not be able to reach the emergency operator center by dialing 110 from some IP phones.

Please do not prank call the emergency operator center, as this keeps the police from responding to emergencies. Also, please be careful not to accidentally dial 110.


The Mie Prefectural Police also responds to emergency enquiries via email and fax to better assist citizens and residents with hearing and vocal impairment. To contact the emergency operator center via email, visit and fill in the appropriate information. The Mie Police will respond to your message via email, and will ask additional questions related to the incident reported.

Faxes to the emergency operator center should be sent to 059-229-0110. Be sure to include where the incident took place, the current situation, your name, address, and fax number.

There is no emergency operator center that responds specifically to enquiries made in languages other than Japanese. If you have difficulty communicating in Japanese, the operator may end the phone call and call back after an interpreter is made available. However, interpreters will only be able to respond to calls using a combination of English and Japanese.

Individuals who feel they cannot convey the details of a crime or incident in Japanese should enlist the aid of a Japanese speaker when dialing 110.