Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents


2013/05/09 Thursday Seminars and Events

Title: Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents
Place: Mie Perfectural Exchange Center
Date: June 23, 2013 (sun)
Hours: 10:00 – 16:00

What are the thing(s) can beconsulted
・ Visa application and renewal
・ Questions about enterprenuership
・ Marriage and divorce
・ Loan, repayment, etc.

All consultations will be confidential!




2013 – Car Tax Payment Deadline

2013/05/09 Thursday Seminars and Events


Families and individuals who own motor vehicles: Has your motor vehicle tax bill arrived in the mail yet?

impostoMotor vehicle taxes account for approximately 14% of prefectural tax revenue, and the money collected is used for education, improving health and welfare services, transportation infrastructure maintenance, unemployment benefits, disaster preparedness and many other important government initiatives.

You can pay motor vehicle taxes at financial institutions such as banks or at a convenience store. You will need the tax receipt you receive from the bank or convenience store when you bring your vehicle in for inspection, so be sure to keep it in a safe place.

During 2012, 78% of motor vehicle owners paid their motor vehicle taxes on time. Motor vehicle owners who do not pay their motor vehicle taxes on time must pay additional fees. These fees are calculated based on the number of days that elapse between the payment deadline and the day an individual submits their payment. The prefectural government will appraise and seize assets in the amount owed from individuals who do not pay their motor vehicle taxes after receiving a collection notice.

This year’s motor vehicle tax payment deadline is Friday, May 31, 2013.

Paying taxes in Japan is a social obligation. Please pay your motor vehicle taxes by Friday, May 31.