The Childcare Center and Preschool Job Fair and Information Session for Prospective Preschool and Childcare Workers

2014/11/21 Friday Highlights, Seminars and Events

Come learn more about new guidelines and policies for childcare workers during the Information Session for Prospective Preschool and Childcare Workers.

Additionally, childcare facilities and preschools from around the prefecture will have booths set up at the Childcare Center and Preschool Job Fair to tell you more about their particular institutions. This is an important opportunity to learn more about the different kinds of childcare centers and preschools in the prefecture, as well as the skills and qualities that these institutions are seeking in employees. Participants can also enquire directly about job opportunities, so don’t miss out!

【Date and Time】

Saturday, 6 December, 2014

Information Session for Prospective Preschool and Childcare Workers

10:30~12:00(Registration begins at 10:00~)

※Please use the application form to apply before the event

Childcare Center and Preschool Job Fair

13:00~15:30 (Registration begins at 12:30)

※No need to apply before the event

【Location】Mie Center for the Arts 2F Gallery 1

(Tsu-shi, Isshinden, Kouzubeta 1234)

【Access】5 min bus ride or 20 minute walk from Tsu Station’s west exit.

【Target audience】

Students who are interested in working in childcare, considering seeking work at a childcare facility or preschool next spring, or are currently job seeking in this field.

※open to high school students and university students

Individuals with certification to work as a childcare worker in Japan who are looking to find work in the field.


There is no participation fee, participants do not need to bring their resumes, and there are childcare services available for participants with children (please apply before the event if you require these services)

Collect all the stamps from various areas of the event and receive a free gift!

【For more information, please contact】Mie Prefecture Social Welfare Council

TEL: 059-227-5160 E-mail:


Mie-ken fair


Exploring Mie – Kouchidani

2014/11/21 Friday Highlights, Seminars and Events


Image2Kouchidani is located at the tunnel exit parallel to Shourenji River located in Nabari, Mie Prefecture.

In spring, different colors of azaleas bloom in the mountain and, in summer, the clear waters of the river are the beauty of this place.

In autumn, the yellowish and reddish leaves color the mountain forming a spectacular landscape. The wide area of natural beauty is suitable for walking and sightseeing.

Just 10 minutes from Nabari city, located in western Mie Prefecture, there is the Shourenji Lake. In the upper side of the lake, is located the Kouchidani, where there are several tourist attraction that you can visit. In Kouchidani, there are many interesting places to explore. The river waters are clear and the plentiful nature fascinates the visitors.

In this video, we are presenting some of these places, but, coming here, you will find much more wonders. In this place, you will spend a whole day enjoying theImage4 beautiful Japanese nature, in addition to take amazing pictures.

In summer, you will see a river with clear waters surrounded by beautiful mountains and properly places to relax or enjoy with friends and family.
And, during autumn, surrounding trees are multicolored with yellowish and reddish leaves, properly for walks or for photography lovers.

Nabari-shi Kanko Kyokai representative spoke about the beauties of this place.

Image7Interview: Nabari-shi Kanko Kyokai representative, Hayashi Kazuki

“This place is highly recommended due to this wonderful view and clear waters, besides the silence that brings peaceful to the visitors.”

For fishing lovers, here there are places where it is possible to fish the Black Bass.

“One of the attraction of this place is fishing. In addition to Black Bass, in summer, this is a well- known place by Ayu fishing. The cost is an annual fee, with accessible price.”

The Kouchidani is wonderful every year. Since it is free for visit, it is highly recommended.
“Come with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or with your family and bring something to eat and enjoy the beauty and peace of the place. We just ask you not to throw rubbish in the place, bring back every garbage you take there”.

Image1Nabari is a wonderful and welcoming city. Surrounded by mountains and radiant nature, it is an invitation during the whole year. Come to explore the Kouchidani in Nabari.
“Since the water is clear, you can swim and play. The local is free for visit, so, bring something to eat and come to explore this place, spend some hours in a peaceful environment in natural surrounds.

– 30 min by bus from Nabari station, get off at Ochiai bus stop
– From Osaka by Meihan Expressway, get off at Hari exit and take route 165 heading Shourenji Damu
– From Nagoya by Meihan Expressway, get off at Ueno exit and take route 368 heading Shourenji Damu

Map’s link http:
Nabari-shi Kanko Kyokai :
Kanko Mie: