Child-rearing Seminar


2011/07/27 Wednesday Seminars and Events

Title: Child-rearing Seminar
Location: Iga (MIE) – Fureai Plaza
Description: Get Advice from Experienced Moms!!
Date: 2011-09-4 – 13:30 – 15:00

・How can we build good parent-teacher communication?
・What should we do when there is a report of someone suspicious in the vicinity?
・What is PTA? ・How can we teach our children to be well behaved?

Fee: Free
Sep.4(sun) 13:30 – 15:00
Information: NPO Tsutamaru – 0595-23-0912


2011 Mie Nursing Festa

2011/07/27 Wednesday Seminars and Events


Title: 2011 Mie Nursing Festa
Location: Mie Culture Hall (Mie Bunka Kaikan)

Announcement concerning the 2011 Mie Nursing Festa


The 2011 Mie Nursing Festa is held to foster interest in and understanding of the nursing profession in Mie, in hopes that residents of the prefecture will decide to join the nursing profession.


Date Saturday, July 23 1:00PM-4:00PM

Location: Mie Culture Hall (Mie Bunka Kaikan) on the second floor of the Mie Center for the Arts (Mie Sougou Bunka Senta), Galleries 1 and 2

Tsu-shi, Ishinden, Koudubeta 1234

Topics Introduction to nursing

Experience nursing for yourself!

How to prevent seasonal illnesses

First aid

Application procedures for nursing school

Finding employment as a nurse

…and more!


Participation is free.


There is demand for nurses that can speak languages other than Japanese due to the growing need at hospitals and other medical institutions to treat individuals who cannot communicate in Japanese. A scholarship program has been established to aid foreign residents in Mie who attend universities or nursing schools in order to work as doctors or nurses in Mie in the future. If you are considering attending school in order to pursue a career at a medical institution after attending this event, please apply. This year’s application period is scheduled to be from March to April. Information concerning application procedures will be posted on this website as it becomes available.