Japanese Social Insurance System

23年8月28日(日) 「社会保険(しゃかいほけん)について」のセミナー [チラシ]

2011/07/27 Wednesday Seminars and Events

Title: Japanese Social Insurance System
Location: Yokkaichi – Sassagawa Danchi – Assembly Hall
Description: *Information Session*
Date: 2011-08-28

Health Insurance, Nursing Insurance, Pension, Employment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance for job-related accidents

*Free Consultation*
For foreigners who have enquiries concerning Social insurance.
(Limited to 4 people, 30min/person)

Please call MIEF to make a reservation

Mie International Exchange Foundation (MIEF)
Tel: 059-223-5006 Fax: 059-223-5007
Email: mief@mief.or.jp http://www.mief.or.jp


Child-rearing Seminar

2011/07/27 Wednesday Seminars and Events


Title: Child-rearing Seminar
Location: Iga (MIE) – Fureai Plaza
Description: Get Advice from Experienced Moms!!
Date: 2011-09-4 – 13:30 – 15:00

・How can we build good parent-teacher communication?
・What should we do when there is a report of someone suspicious in the vicinity?
・What is PTA? ・How can we teach our children to be well behaved?

Fee: Free
Sep.4(sun) 13:30 – 15:00
Information: NPO Tsutamaru – 0595-23-0912