Pangea, Tale of the Dinosaurs

4月14日(土)~9月17日(月・祝) 松阪市で ドームスクリーン映画「パンゲア・恐竜物語」が開催されます

Location:  Mie Kodomo no Shiro
Address: Mie-ken, Matsusaka-shi, Tachino-cho 1291 Chubu-dai Undou Park – 〒515-0054

Event Name Dream Screen Movie: Pangea, Tale of the Dinosaurs
Date 4月14日(土)~9月17日(月・祝)
Time 10:00 ~ 10:40(土日祝・夏休み)、13:20 as 14:00
Admission Children (ages 3 and up)100円、Students 200円、
General Admission 400円
Event Information In prehistory, the world was composed of a single continent: Pangea. Two children find themselves transported back in time to that era. This is their story.
Sample Video Credit roll  ©Cinema Group

Agricultural Fair in Matsusaka


Title: Agricultural Fair in Matsusaka
Location: Matsusaka
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2012-05-20
End Time: 14:30

Agricultural Research, Development and Control Area

Hands on Science Corner 10:00~14:30
○Delicious! Interesting fruit (2nd Floor)
○Frozen grape tasting(2nd Floor)
○Mie-grown rice tasting
○Cold Kabusecha tea
○Explore diversity in the Cabbage Field

Research Results Exhibition Corner 10:00~14:30
○Virus free sweet potatoes
○Protecting fields from wild animals

Quiz Rally 10:00~14:30

(Ends at 2pm)

○If you answer three different questions you will receive a prize!

Agricultural Technique Q&A 10:00~14:00(2nd floor)

○Answering your questions – from farms to vegetable patches.

Young Farmers Club Corner (at the entrance)

○Young people will be selling vegetables they have grown themselves

*Schedule may change in the case of unforeseen circumstances

Agricultural University Area


Agricultural Lectures(vegetables, tea, livestock etc.)

Agricultural Flee Market 10:00~

Refreshment Stand11:00~ (in front of the cafeteria)

Yakisoba・Yakitori etc.

Petting Zoo

Play with rabbits, goats, sheep, chickens etc.


Introduction to the Mie College of Agriculture (entrance)

Mie-grown Rice PR

Support Centre Area

 Mie Food Safety and Regional Produce Exhibition and Stalls 10:0014:30

(in front of the support centre)

○ Tofu, bread, picks, jam etc.

Try making sponge cake using rice flour! (register at reception in front of the support centre)

Eight people can take part in each session: 10:30~・11:30~・12:30~・13:30~

Organised byMie College of AgricultureAgricultural Research Office and others.


For enquiries contact:


Mie Prefectural Agriculture Research Planning and Maintenance Division



Matsusaka City Ureshino-kawa Kita Cho 530