(October/2012) Application Period for Prefectural Housing Tenants

県営住宅の定期募集について (10月募集)

2012/09/04 Tuesday Housing, News

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Information Regarding Scheduled Application Period for New Prefectural Housing Tenants (October Application Period)

Application Period:October 2nd to October 31st

Basic information regarding prefectural housing (location, layout, rent, etc.), information regarding application procedures and other details will be available at the website below starting October 2, 2012


Information on eligibility criteria and prefectural housing rules and regulations can also be found at the website listed above.

*All information provided on the above website is in Japanese only.

Yearly Scheduled Application Periods


Period for Applications by Post

Date for Selection by Lottery

Move in date


Start date~April 30


Jul 1


Start date~July 31


Oct 1


Start date~October 31


Jan 1


Start date~January 31


Apr 1

※The start date for each application period is scheduled for the first Tuesday or Friday of the respective month, with the exception of the January application period, for which the starting date is scheduled for the first Tuesday or Friday after January 4.

For more information contact:Mie Prefecture, Department of Prefectural Land Development, Residence Division, Residence Management Group

Tel:059-224-2703 (*We can only answer enquiries in Japanese.)

Neighborhood councils in Japan

2012/09/04 Tuesday Housing, News


In Japan, cities and towns are divided into small districts and each area has its own neighborhood council. These neighborhood councils help build safe and pleasant communities for their residents to live in.

Neighborhood councils are independently run organizations. The head of the council is the council chairperson. Under the chairman there are several other council members with different roles.

The neighborhood council can organize events with the aim of increasing exchange with local residents. To put on these events they need the cooperation of both Japanese and non-Japanese residents. It’s important that the whole community participates in an event as it then becomes a place for exchange to take place.

There are also neighborhoods who organize evacuation drills to practice smooth evacuations to prepare for natural disasters, fires or other emergencies. Councils also look after the local area and organize neighborhood watch groups.

The main activities of a neighborhood council:

– Providing regional information

– Traffic Safety and Crime Prevention Measures

– Disaster Preparation Planning

– Rubbish Collection Point Management and Neighborhood Maintenance

– Festivals and Events (including promotion of multiculturalism)

– Promoting welfare in the region

As a local resident, it is good to participate in these events. By participating, you are helping the region you live in. At the same time, the neighborhood council is also providing a service to the households in the locale.

The residents of the Okada Neighborhood Association in Suzuka City are a very active organization. There is even a foreign resident leader.

Please try to build a connection with the people in your local area through the neighborhood association. Even if you can’t speak Japanese now, little by little as you become able to communicate you will be able to receive important information related to your daily life.

Please don’t avoid contact with your neighbors because of language barriers. By building good relationships with the residents in your area you will be helping to make a multicultural society in Japan a reality.