Announcement of Mie night class 2023 “Manamie”


2023/04/10 Monday Announcements, Education

For those of you who have not been able to complete your junior high school studies for various reasons or if you’re thinking “I want to learn” or “I want to learn again”, feel free to apply.

  1. Period
  • May 12, 2023 (Friday) until February 2024
  • 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm (3 classes of 40 minutes each)
  • Total 50 times (every Friday, Wednesday fortnightly, outdoor classes on designated Saturdays, graduation ceremony)
  1. Location

Classes in Tsu: Mie Education Center (Mie-ken Sogo Kyouiku Center – 三重県総合教育センター): Tsu-shi Otani-cho 12, about 750m from Tsu Station

Classes in Yokkaichi: Hokusei High School (Miekenritsu Hokusei Koto Gakko – 三重県立北星高等学校): Yokkaichi-shi Oazamochibuku 668-1, about 1km from Kintetsu Tomida Station

  1. Contents

Japanese, English, math, social studies (shakai), hard sciences (rika), practical subjects

  1. Who is eligible

Mie residents who were born before April 1, 2008

*Excluding people who have completed high school graduation (koukou)

  1. Others

Classes are free

[How to apply] Apply using one of the 4 methods below.

  • Online registration: click here
  • Tel (059-224-2963)
  • E-mail (
  • Going to the Shogakko and Chugakko Education department of the Mie Education Committee Office (Mieken Kyouiku Iinkai Jimukyoku Shochugakko Kyoiuku-ka), on the seventh floor of the Mie Government Office (Mie Kencho)
  1. Enrollment period

April 12, 2023 (Wednesday), at 5:00 p.m.

  1. Other details
  • The monthly fee is free
  • Handouts will be distributed free of charge
  • The organization is looking into holding online classes for people who have difficulty getting to classes.
  • If you have difficulties applying or want to learn Japanese, please contact MieCo

MieCo, Mie Consultation Center for Foreign Residents

Tel: 080-3300-8077

click here to see Manamie’s pamphlet in Portuguese

Click here to see Manamie’s pamphlet in Spanish

Click here to see Manamie’s pamphlet in Filipino

Click here to see Manamie’s pamphlet in Cebuano

Click here to see Manamie’s pamphlet in Chinese

Click here to see Manamie’s pamphlet in Japanese

Contact (in Japanese language only)

Mie-ken Kyoiku Iinkai Jimukyoku Shochugakko Kyoiku-ka

(三重県教育委員会事務局 小中学校教育課)

TEL: 059-224-2963


Address: 〒514-8570 Tsu-shi Koemicho 13, on the seventh floor of the Mie Government Office (Mie Kencho)

About Child-rearing Family Support Coupon (Kosodate Katei Ouen Coupon)

2023/04/10 Monday Announcements, Education


If you show your child-rearing family support coupon at participating stores such as supermarkets and restaurants in the prefecture, you can receive benefits such as discounts and services.  It can be used by households with children under the age of 18 and households with pregnant women.  The symbol mark below indicates whether the location accepts the coupon.

Click here ( for information on location and benefits offered by sponsoring stores.

Clique aqui to see the Mie Prefecture Child-rearing Family Support Coupon (Kosodate Katei Ouen Coupon) Terms of Use (Japanese)

By obtaining a support coupon, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms in this document.

How to get the child-rearing family support coupon

  • Via homepage

Go to, enter “youngest child’s date of birth or expected date of birth”, open coupon image, save as screenshot canvas or print to use.

  • Via postcard

Fill in the required information on a return postcard (oufuku hagaki) and send it to the secretariat.  You will receive a postcard with a printed support coupon to use freely

For details, refer to the Mie Prefecture website (

Contact information (Japanese only)

Mie Prefecture Child and Welfare Department Declining Birthrate Division

Phone number: 059-224-2404