Information about the Coronavírus Vaccine Consultation Line


Help is available to make an appointment for the coronavirus vaccination.  People who want to be vaccinated should call the Coronavirus Vaccine Consultation Line for Foreign Residents of Mie.  It is also possible to make consultations and questions about the vaccine.  The consultation is free but there is a connection fee.

Coronavirus Vaccine Consultation Line for Foreign Residents of Mie– Mie Gaikokujin Corona Vaccine Soudan Dial (みえ外国人コロナワクチン相談ダイアル)

TEL: 080-3123-9173

Opening hours

  From Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Available languages

English, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese

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Summer road safety campaign


In the summer, the heat can hinder attention in traffic and accidents are likely to occur more frequently.  Each of us should be aware of road safety, obey traffic rules, get enough rest and drink plenty of water to prevent and avoid getting involved in traffic accidents.

  1. Duration

Period of 10 days between July 11 (Tuesday) and July 20, 2023 (Thursday).

  1. Campaign’s focus

(1) Prevention of traffic accidents involving children and the elderly

  • When driving, concentrate on driving, always anticipate danger in mind when driving with children, the elderly and the disabled.
  • Seniors should understand how changes in their physical functions affect driving and try to drive according to weather, physical condition and other circumstances.
  • Slow down near schools and on school routes and check carefully for pedestrians.
  • Beware of children on the road.
  • When teaching children road rules, be sure to properly teach them what is dangerous.

(2) Make sure pedestrians have right of way at crosswalks.

  • Slow down if there are pedestrians around the crosswalk and always stop when pedestrians cross the road to allow them to reach safety.
  • Pedestrians should always cross the street at a crosswalk if there is a crosswalk nearby.

(3) Make sure seat belts and child seats are used correctly

  • Seat belts and child seats protect you and your loved ones.
  • Use seat belts in all seats and use a child seat or junior seat suitable for children under six years of age.

(4) Help end drunk driving

  • Drinking alcohol and driving is a serious offence. If you get caught drunk driving or cause a traffic accident, you could lose your driver’s license, your job, or even your family.
  • Even a hangover is considered as drunk driving.  Do not drive if you think you still have some alcohol in your system.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to drive recklessly, maliciously and dangerously, which can lead to serious accidents on the roads.

(5) Promotion of safe use of bicycles and other vehicles.

  • As of April 2023, everyone, regardless of age, will be required to make an effort to wear a cycling helmet.
  • It is believed that if a person who does not wear a helmet is involved in a traffic accident, the fatality rate is more than twice as high as that of someone who wears a helmet. To protect their own lives, cyclists must wear a helmet.
  • There have also been traffic accidents with violations by cyclists. Bicycles are light vehicles and are “car companions”.  Obey traffic rules.

Click here for an educational brochure (in Japanese only).

  1. Contact (in Japanese only)

Mie-ken Kankyo Seikatsu-bu Kurashi Koutsu Anzen-ka Koutsu Anzen-han

TEL: 059-224-2410