Autumn Kids Eco Fair


2012/09/14 Friday Culture and Leisure

Mie Prefectre Environmental Education and Information Centre (YokkaichiCitySakura-cho 3684-11)  (TEL. 059-329-2000)

 Autumn Kids Eco Fair – FREE

At theSuzuka Sanrei Research Park there is fun for the whole family at the booths manned by environmental groups and businesses. Learn about environmentalism while having fun!

  •  – Bicycle Electricity
  • – Mini-car Challenge: aim for 20 metres on natural energy
  • – Ise paper bookmark
  • – Make your own aroma candle
  • – Shell Crafts
  • – Hoshi Tamago (star egg) mobile planetarium

Are just some of the booths on display! The prefectural library will also be in attendance and visitors can make library cards and even borrow books!  You can also enjoy the stalls selling snacks at the fair.

Notice: we also are currently collecting old white candles if you have any which you longer need. You can also receive a gift of soap made from old oil when you donate you used cooking oil to us.

6th October only: Earthquake Simulator Vehicle

7th October only: Sun viewing through the Mobile Astronomy Car ‘Kirara-go’ (depending on weather)

Both days: Nature learning corner PROJECT WILD.

Suzuka F1 Japan Grand Prix Event Information

2012/09/14 Friday Culture and Leisure

2012年 鈴鹿F1日本グランプリ イベント情報

Events to bring Suzuka Circuit and the region together!


F1 Ink Art – Exhibition of works by Tarui Hiroshi

When:Saturday 29th September to Sunday 7th October 10am – 10pm (on the last day it will be open           till 7pm)

Venue:Aeon Shopping Centre Suzuka – 1st Floor North Court

Details:An exhibition by F1 artist Tarui Hiroshi. Using Suzuka Ink. An exhibition of F1 drivers from 1987 will also be held at the same time. On Saturday 29th September from 2pm Tarui Hiroshi will also be holding a live art show!


F1 Film Festival

When:Thursday October 4th to Sunday October 7th from 7pm each day

Where:Warner Mycal Cinema Suzuka

Tickets:500yen(Comes with a mini popcorn and Suzuka F1 Council original postcard)

Details:As a continuation of last year, this year we will be screening ‘Senna’. Recommended to those who have yet to see it, of course, and those who saw it last year! Watch the F1 during the day and enjoy the film festival in the evening.


Suzuka Japan Grand Prix Eve Festival

When: Friday 5th October 4pm – 8pm

Where:SUZUCOMI Event Plaza(Frespo Suzuka・8947 Sumiyoshi-cho, Suzuka-shi)

Details:6th Mie Prefecture Gourmet Convention! Featuring a talk show from F1 guests including former F1 driver Satoru Nakajima and a live art show by Tarui Hiroshi and more!! All welcome, even those without a ticket to go see the grand prix can come along.


Mie Prefecture – 5 Cities 1 Town Tourism and Produce PR Stand

When: Friday 5th October to Sunday 7th October.

Where: Within Suzuka Circuit Park

Details:Tourism PR for 5 Cities and 1 Town in Mie Prefecture(Kuwana City, Yokkaichi City, Komono Town, Suzuka City, Kameyama City and Tsu City) including sales of local produce, the popular attraction Model Car GP and more! We will be giving out useful information about the area!


Suzuka Japan Grand Prix Grand Clean Up

When: Monday 8th October 8am – 9:30am

Where: Suzuka Circuit area

Details: We are recruiting volunteers to help clean up the area around Suzuka Circuit. Participants will receive Suzuka F1 goods and a present from the Suzuka F1 Council and an invitation to an event held at Suzuka Circuit on the same day!


Try racing carts and feel like an F1 driver!

When: Monday 8th October 9:00 – 12:30

Where:Motorland Suzuka(3616 Miyake-cho, Suzuka-shi)

Price:from 2,000円

Participant no.:limited to 40 people

Details:Try your hand at being a race car driver by driving a racing cart! Seeking participants for this event which includes a demonstration and talk show by a surprise guest. Try out a practice run, time attack and experience what 100km/h feels like.


2012 Suzuka Box Cart Grand Prix

When: Monday 8th October 10:30 – 15:30

Where: Mie Prefectural Suzuka Sports Garden

Details: Homemade carts without engines running down a slope – this is a race and performance filled with humor as teams compete to find out who has built the best kart. There will also be Suzuka Curry GP gourmet event!


Suzuka F1 Council Plan 5 Cities 1 Town Introduction

(Kuwana, Yokkaichi, Komono, Suzuka, Kameyama, Tsu)