Training prevention of natural disasters


2012/09/19 Wednesday Information Videos

The Mie Prefectural Government conducted a seminar on disaster preparedness for non-Japanese residents and Japanese citizens in Ise City. Individuals from other prefectures were also among the many participants that attended the seminar.

During the lecture portion of the seminar, Ise City officials used a slide show presentation to explain the proper measures to take during an earthquake, and to provide information about evacuation centers. Participants also had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the announcements broadcast over city and town public address systems, as well as the announcements broadcast via television and radio during natural disasters.

Participants also sampled emergency rations that are distributed after a disaster strikes.

After the lecture portion of the seminar, Michi, a multicultural performance troupe from Kani City, Gifu held an evacuation center simulation workshop. Through this interactive workshop, participants were able to learn more about disaster preparedness in a fun environment.

First, those attending the workshop participated in an activity that played a game that involved reacting appropriately to a variety of signals. This cooperative exercise emphasized the importance of team work and taught participants the proper actions to take during a disaster. Later, participants practiced evacuating in a calm and orderly fashion upon hearing sirens or earthquake alerts.

Next, the workshop featured an activity concerning appropriate items to include in an emergency kit. One of the many items crucial for any emergency kit is an emergency blanket, a space efficient way to protect one’s body from the cold.

Items included in a given family’s emergency kit will differ depending on family’s circumstances. However, all emergency kits should include non-perishable food items and enough water to last 3 days. A flashlight is also an important item to include, as it is a way to keep yourself safe in the aftermath of a disaster. Other important items include medicine, wet tissues, towels, etc. (for more details please see the emergency preparedness lecture video).

In this training prevention of natural disasters, all participants thought together on solutions in cases of natural disasters, and learn in an interactive and fun.

Emergency preparedness seminars are held in various regions across the prefecture, so please take the opportunity to attend seminars like this, and learn more about what steps to take during a natural disaster


Mie Kids’ Castle Model Train Exhibit 11

2012/09/19 Wednesday Information Videos

9月22日(土・祝) みえこどもの城で、鉄道模型展を開催します。

Mie Kids’ Castle

Model Train Exhibit 11

Date and time:

Saturday, Sept 22



Location:MAP Mie Kids’ Castle (Kodomo no Shiro) 1F Conference Room (研修室)


Model trains owned by the Matsusaka Rail Model Club will be on display. Kintetsu and Shinkansen models will move across a sweeping miniature landscape.

Co-sponsor:Matsusaka Rail Model Club

Free admission