Mie’s Nursing Festival 2014


2014/05/29 Thursday Health, Information Videos

The Mie’s Nursing Festival 2014 was held at Mie Arts and Culture Center, offering news , information , health exams and exhibition related to nursing services.

After the opening ceremony, presentations, music and dancing enlivened the event. A nursing uniform fashion show conducted by students of elementary, middle and nursing also received the audience’s applause.

Image4In the lounge, there were photo exhibitions on the nursing service as well as an area to experience the work of a nurse, a DVD presentation, how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator), and other areas to experience how is the body of a pregnant woman and an elderly person. The Governor of Mie, Suzuki Eikei, also toured the stands and participated in activities and explanatory.

Interview  Governor of Mie Suzuki Eikei

Image1Mie Prefecture, if compared nationwide, has a small number of nurses, which causes a greater burden for those working in this area. I would like everyone to know that most of nurses still say that work is worthwhile. And, mostly, I wish this festival to be an opportunity to thank these employees in nursing, public health and midwifery that dedicate arduously for us.

Those attending the event could ask questions to professionals, learn about the proper way to perform cardiac massage and even hold a baby doll whose crying was very real.

And it was also possible to do health exams for free. The participants could get lots of interesting information about the nursing profession.

Interview with the event’s organizer – Mie Nurse Center 

Image2We are here to spread general knowledge in the nursing field and also for young people who are interested in this area and perform it in the future.

The nursing profession is very wide. Besides it can qualify professionals in various medical fields, this profession has a high rate of employability.

The service itself is to take care of patients, both in hospitalization and medical consultation, as well as to instruct people in healthy conditions to lead a more healthier life .

We asked about the conditions to become a professional in nursing here in Japan.

People who are interested in this profession, after completing high school, will have to complete a course at a school or nursing college and then pass a public exam, otherwise they can not work as a nurse.

There are courses in commercial or industrial area, but the ideal is to make the traditional course of high school , then join a vocational school for 3 years . Then there are more 4 years of nursing school, and, after completing this, you are entitled to receive the nursing certificate and will be able to choose between obstetrics and public health area and take the public exam.

”Attending to a vocational school, you will be able to become a nurse after taking the public exam, and then take another course in obstetrics or public health area.


For foreign residents is also possible to become a nurse professional here in Japan, but studies and dedication are required.

We asked Mr Suzuki Eikei if young foreign residents in Japan can also become a nurse.

Interview  Governor of Mie Suzuki Eikei

Yeah, sure . To make this possible, you need to be prepared to take the tests and undergo training.

Besides nursing , there are many other job opportunities in Japan. The Multicultural Sector of Mie Prefecture , in 2010, produced a DVD entitled ” Carreer Guide to Foreigner’s Children” for young people to have a goal early and feel encouraged to study and seek their professional achievement. See more details in the DVD informative website.


Encouraging Safe Bicycle Use

2014/05/29 Thursday Health, Information Videos


May is “Bicycle Safety Month,” and the Mie Prefectural Police Department is stepping up bicycle traffic regulation enforcement and spreading awareness of bicycle safety.

Five Basic Rules for Safe Biking

    1. japan cycleGeneral road rules for bicycles is the same as those for motor vehicles. Sidewalks are an exception.
    2. On roads, bicycles should be ridden on the left side of the road.
    3. On sidewalks, pedestrians have right of way. Bicycles should be ridden slowly on the left side of the sidewalk.
    4. Safety rules must be obeyed
      • Bicycling while intoxicated, more than one rider on a bicycle, and riding parallel are all forbidden by law.
      • Forward facing lights must be mounted on bicycles and used at night.
      • Cyclists must obey all traffic lights at intersections, all stop signs and check their surroundings for safety.
    5. Children of age 12 or younger must wear helmets

Please observe these 5 rules while cycling and do your best to ride safely.

Last year, there were some changes made to traffic laws, specifically, those that concern the side of the sidewalk cyclists are allowed to use. Cyclists are now required to ride on the left side of sidewalks. Furthermore, please refrain from using a smartphone or other mobile device while cycling, as this is extremely dangerous. Bicycles, automobiles and motorcycles are all considered road vehicles.

For more information, please contact the Traffic Planning Division of the Mie Prefecture Police Department Headquarters at 059-222-0110.