Open Campus 2020 – Tsu Technical School

2020年 津高等技術学校 オープンキャンパスを開催します

2020/06/10 Wednesday Education, Seminars and Events

Tsu Technical School is an educational institution of professional competence development in Mie Prefecture training people to actuate in the industrial market. At Tsu Technical School, students learn from the basic level to technique application and necessary abilities and the school supports the acquisition of various qualifications that are useful for national certification exams and employment depending on the type of work. An open campus will be held so that everyone can further understand our school.

  1. Content
  • Tour (Registration is not required and there is no limit of participants)

Audience: Young students who have graduated from high schools (Koukou) or who are studying in high schools, parents or guardians and teachers from high schools.

The tour through school facilities will introduce the school, job market situation, registration conditions and demonstrations.

  • Practice experience style (pre-registration required, 10 persons each for morning and afternoon for each department, drawing when exceeding capacity)

Audience: Young students who have graduated from high schools (Koukou) or who are studying in high schools

Practical classes per subject using training facilities


Machine Control Systems Department: Metalwork experience, 3D CAD experience, NC machine tool experience

Electronic Control Information Department: Web application development, IoT device development, line trace robot production

Automotive Engineering: Disassembly and assembly of automobile engines, Inspection and diagnosis of automobiles

Metal Craft Department: Car paint painting experience, Goods production using NC machine tools

Construction Engineering: Processing and assembling a stool using woodwork

  1. Date and Time
  • Tour style
    June 13 (saturday), August 25 (Tuesday) and October 3 (saturday)
    Reception: 12:50 pm to 1:20 pm
    Conduct: 1:20 pm to 3:20 pm
  • Practice Experience style
    August 4 (Tue) to August 6 (Thu)


Reception: 9am~ – Conduct: 9:30am to 12:00pm


Reception: 13:00pm~ – Conduct: 1:20pm to 3:50pm

  1. Others

Practical classes require registration. Fill in the form with your personal information, intended course, intended date and other details and send it by FAX or e-mail.

The application period is from June 17 (Thursday) to July 15 (Thursday)  until 5 pm.

*All content will be taught in Japanese, including explanations. There will be no translators on site.

Open Campus URL (Japanese only):

For the Open Campus Flyers, click here

For the application form for practice experience style, click here

* There is a possibility of cancellation due to the new coronavirus or if the weather is bad. If the Special Storm Alert in Mie is issued by 7 am on the day of the excursions, the events will be canceled to ensure the safety of the participants.

Contact Information:

Mieken-ritsu Tsu Koutou Gijutsu Gakkou

Address: 〒514-0817 Tsu-shi Takachaya Komori-cho 1176-2 (along route 165)
TEL: 059-234-2839 FAX: 059-234-3668 E-mail:

About domestic violence, unexpected pregnancy and sexual violence

2020/06/10 Wednesday Education, Seminars and Events

DV、予期しない妊娠、性暴力被害について SNS等による相談のご案内

Are you experiencing problems with security, stress, domestic violence, unexpected pregnancy or sexual violence due to the new daily life caused by the coronavirus?

The Mie Prefecture and the Government Office are accepting consultations through social media.  Don’t suffer alone and do not hesitate to schedule an appointment.

  1. Government Office: Consultations on domestic violence (assistance in several languages)
  2. Consultations by chat: from 12pm to 10pm

Languages: PortugueseSpanishFilipinoChineseEnglishVietnameseJapanese

*There are also other languages.

Use the QR Code to open on the smartphone.  You will be able to choose between the languages ​​written above.

  1. Mie Prefecture: Consultations on domestic violence, SOS for pregnancy and sexual violence

Consultations by SNS (LINE): 24 hours (until March 31, 2021)

* However, responses will be sent at the opening hours of the consultation windows.

Use this QR Code to add to Friends.

 For more details, see the Mie Prefecture homepage.

There will also be telephone consultations in addition to the Line consultations (in Japanese only).  For more information, see this pamphlet.

* Call the police (110) in case of life-threatening violence.


Government Office homepage

Mie Prefecture homepage