Mie Prefectural High School Announcement

24年度 三重県立高等学校秋期入学者の募集について

2012/08/03 Friday Education, Highlights, News

Mie Prefectural High School Announcement – accepting autumn school entrance applications

Date: Friday, 14th September 2012

Venue: Mie Prefectural Hokusei High School
(Kenritsu Hokusei Kōtō Gakkō Yokkaichi-shi, Ōaza Mochibuku, Aza Yokoza 668-1)

Hokusei High School, in the northern area of Yokkaichi City, is accepting applications from middle-school graduates for its part-time and correspondence courses for enrollment in autumn 2012.

Examination will consist of an essay and interview.

As all classes and exams will take place in Japanese, Japanese language ability is essential.


Application Desk Period and Office Hours

Applications will be accepted from Wednesday, 5th of September until Wednesday, 12th September 2012, excluding weekends.

* Please send applications directly to Hokusei Prefectural High School

Places Available

Part-time Course (regular curriculum – daytime) – 4 students
Part-time Course (information and business curriculum – daytime) – 4 students
Part-time Course (regular curriculum – evening) – 2 students
Correspondence course (regular curriculum) – 60 students

For application forms and enquiries please contact Hokusei High School


Special Obon Craft Classes

2012/08/03 Friday Education, Highlights, News

2012年8月12日(日)~14(火)に 「お盆のスペシャル体験教室」が開催されます

The Old Kumano Road Centre will be holding craft classes for visitors for the duration of the three day Obon festival. Those returning to their home towns in the Higashi Kishuu region for the festival or those who are visiting on holiday – these classes are open to everyone without prior booking. Make a summer memory to take home with you from the Old Kumano Road Centre!

When: Sunday, 12th August to Tuesday, 14th August 2012 (registration from 1pm – 3pm)

NOTE: If materials run out we will end classes for the day even if registration hours are still open. We ask for your understanding.

Where: Old Kumano Road Centre – Experience Classroom

519-3625 Mie Prefecture, Owase-shi, Mukai 12-4



Participation fee:

12th (Sunday)     Even small children can participate in this class! Make toys and models out of Owase Hinoki wood and paint animal magnets. (From 250 yen)

13th (Monday)     ‘Mysterious Box’ – a mysterious box which can expand as far as your imagination. (From 500 yen)

14th (Tuesday)    Carve whistles out of wood (100 yen)


Website http://www.kumanokodocenter.com/event/120812.html (Japanese)

Anyone can participate, come by yourself or with friends or family!