Housing consultation sessions (Information from Mie Prefectural Residential Support Committee)


2023/10/17 Tuesday Announcements, Housing

The Mie Prefectural Residential Support Committee (Mieken Kyoju Shien Renraku-kai) holds housing consultation meetings for people who need help finding housing (mainly for the elderly, people with disabilities, foreign residents, etc.).

In fiscal year 2023, consultation meetings are scheduled to be held at the following locations.  Anyone can receive consultations free of charge.

An advance request may be required, so please contact the responsible body for each consultation session in advance.

*Please contact the respective responsible body, as it may be possible to attend on the day of the appointment, depending on availability.

Date Time Location of consultation Advance reservation period Contact
(for consultation reservation)
October 30, 2023 (Monday) ①10:00~12:00


Room 1205 on the 12th floor of the main building of Suzuka City Hall

(Suzuka-shi Kanbe-shi 1-18-18)

October 2 (Monday) until October 27, 2023 Suzuka-shi Toshi Seibi-bu Jutaku Seisaku-ka (鈴鹿市都市整備部住宅政策課)


November 18, 2023 (Saturday) ①10:30~12:30


Near the stairs in front of Aeon Town Yokkaichi Tomari’s KIDS REPUBLIC

(Yokkaichi-shi Tomari Koyanagi-cho 4-51)

End of October until November 10, 2023 (Friday) Yokkaichi-shi Toshi Seibi-bu Toshi Keikaku-ka (四日市市都市整備部都市計画課)


November 25, 2023 (Saturday) ①10:00~12:00


Meeting room 3 on the 2nd floor of Tsu Region Plaza

(Tsu-shi Nishi Marunouchi 23-1)

October 2 (Monday) until November 24, 2023 (Friday) Tsu-shi Toshi Keikaku-bu Toshi Seisaku-ka (津市都市計画部都市政策課)


November 26, 2023 (Sunday) ①10:00~12:00


Large Meeting Room on the 5th floor of Kuwana City Hall

(Kuwana-shi Chuo-cho 2-37)

No advance reservation required Kuwana-shi Toshi Seibi-bu Toshi Kanri-ka (桑名市都市整備部 都市管理課 )


December 2, 2023 (Saturday) 13:30~16:30 Nabari City General Welfare Center “Fureai” 2nd floor exhibition hall

(Nabari-shi Marunouchi 79)

No advance reservation required Nabari-shi Toshi Seibi-bu Eizen Jutaku-shitsu (名張市都市整備部営繕住宅室)


Nabari Kurashi Anshin Center (なばり暮らしあんしんセンター)


December 3, 2023 (Sunday) ①10:00~12:00


Large Meeting Room on the 3rd floor of Kameyama City Hall

(Kameyama-shi Honmaru-cho 577)

No advance reservation required Kameyama-shi Kensetsu-bu Kenchiku Jutaku-ka(亀山市建設部建築住宅課)


[Mie Prefectural Residential Support Committee Secretariat (Mieken Kyoju Shien Renraku-kai)]

*Service in Japanese only.  To pre-register for a housing consultation, please contact the locations listed in the table above.

Mieken Kendo Seibi-bu Jutaku Seisaku-ka (三重県県土整備部住宅政策課)

TEL 059-224-2720

Subsidy for medical expenses for treatment of the new coronavirus (when hospitalized)

2023/10/17 Tuesday Announcements, Housing


[System valid from October 1, 2023 until March 31, 2024]

Public expense subsidy (when hospitalized for treatment for the new coronavirus)

The following items (1) and (2) are covered by public funds.

(1) Part of the medical costs of hospitalization due to coronavirus infection.

(2) Part of drug costs when the following high-cost drugs are prescribed for treatment.

  • Oral medicines “Lagebrio”, “Paxlovid” and “Xocova”.
  • Intravenous medications ” Vecluri “.
  • Neutralizing antibody medications “Zebudi”, “Lonaprieve” and “Evusheld”.

Details of the subsidy to cover part of the costs of medicines

In principle, public funds subsidize so that the maximum amount to be paid by the patient is the treatment costs minus 10,000 yen in the high-cost healthcare system.

* Click here for the maximum payment amount after reduction by public funds.

Click here for information about the subsidy when receiving outpatient treatment for coronavirus treatment.