December and January are the Prefectural Tax “Seizure Strengthening Month”


2017/12/08 Friday Culture and Leisure

In Mie prefecture, in order to eliminate the delinquent payment of prefectural taxes, December and January of the following year, this two months are treated as prefectural tax “seizure strengthening month”.

“Seizure” is a compulsory disposition in accordance with the law. It is to do to those who do not pay prefectural tax even if there is income and property, this is to keep fairness with those who pays by the deadline.

Until now, the county tax offices in the prefecture will carry out “seizure disposal” at once to the delinquents who shows no intention of paying despite the fact that he / she has been sent a demand to pay many times.

Various assets such as “credits” “salary”, “accounts receivable”, “deposits and savings”, “life insurance”, “automobiles” and “real estate” are subject to seizure.

For “Automobile Seizure” a “Tire Lock” may be installed so that it can’t be moved. The seized automobiles, real estate, etc. will be sold at Internet public auction and will be used for taxes that are delinquent. In addition, we may take a measure called “Search” to discover property and make seizure. The prefecture tax “seizure strengthening month” is for two months in December and January, but we also do seizure at any time even in other periods.

Those who have not paid prefectural tax, please make sure to pay as soon as possible.


〇 Major prefectural tax collected by prefectural tax office

Automobile tax, Individual Enterprise tax, Real Estate acquisition tax etc.

〇 Status of automobile tax on taxation in 2017 (as of the end of October)

Collection rate (current year) 99.2% Delinquent amount (current year) Approximately 230 million yen

〇 Number of seizure executed in 2016

6,400 (Of which 1,480 was during the strengthening month)


Contact Information

Mie Ken Somu-bu Zeishu Kakuho-ka (Mie Prefecture General Affairs Department Tax Collection Division)

TEL 059-224-2131

Regarding the renewal of parking lot use certificate for people with special needs

2017/12/08 Friday Culture and Leisure


As of July 2017, the validity period of the “parking lot use certificate for people with special needs ” provided to disabled, people suffering from an incurable illness and elderly who need care became undetermined.

To keep using the certificate, people under such conditions will have to perform the renewal procedure. It is possible to renew the certificate three months before the expiration period. Submit the documents to confirm the identification (passbook, among others) and the certificate of use to the counter of the institutions in charge.

What is the ” parking lot use certificate for people with special needs” (omoi yari chushajuo riyou seido)?

It is a system to provide certificates for use of “special parking lots” aiming to help the mobility of disabled, pregnant women and ailing.

The “special parking lots” set up at several public and commercial facilities can be used for people in such conditions to drive or take a ride.

See the necessary documents, counters for renewal procedure and application for the certificate of use on the URL below. (only in Japanese)

Contact information:

Mie Prefecture Division of Health and Welfare Department of Regional Welfare (Mie-ken Kenko Fukushi-bu Chiiki Fukushi-ka)

TEL      059-224-3349

FAX      059-224-3085