Lights on Before Dark Initiative


2013/10/03 Thursday Highlights, Security

Sunset in autumn and winter coincides with rush hour, bringing with it a greater chance of traffic accidents. To prevent this, we would like cars, motorcycles and bicycles to turn on their lights slightly earlier than usual at the end of the day. We would also like to ask cyclists and pedestrians to wear reflector belts when riding their bicycles to alert other road users of their presence.

To help raise awareness of traffic safety and prevent accidents we have launched the ‘Lights on Before Dark Initiative’ to promote turning on head lights early in time for sunset and the use of reflector belts by pedestrians and cyclists.



1)    Turning on lights early at sunset (cars, motorbikes and bicycles)

Turning on headlights and lamps early when the sun begins to set.

2)    Use of reflector belts (pedestrians and cyclists)

When going out at sunset or night, wear bright clothing and light reflecting belts.

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Monthly Hinoki Cypress Art Workshop: Iroha Karuta Card Making

2013/10/03 Thursday Highlights, Security


Each month, this workshop series offers art classes where participants make crafts using Owase Hinoki Cypress wood, a product local to the Owase area. This month, the series will feature an iroha karuta card making workshop.


Iroha karuta is a Japanese card game played during New Years with friends and family. Participants in this workshop can work at their own pace and even bring their pieces home to continue working on them. If you’ve wanted to take part in a Hinoki Cypress Art Workshop, but haven’t been able to find time during your busy schedule, now’s your chance! Our instructors will patiently guide all participants through the process, so no experience is necessary!


Date and time:

carta hinokiSunday, October 27, 2013; Sunday, November 24, 2013; Sunday December 22, 2013


※This workshop is not a series. Please choose one of the dates above.


Mie Prefectureal Kumano Kodo Center (〒519-3625 Mie-ken, Owase-shi, Mukai 12-4)



Fee:1,000 yen per person

Participation limit: 10 people per workshop date(please apply to participate, first come first served)

To apply: Call 0597-25-2666 or apply by visiting the Kumano Kodo Center.