Kumano Kodo – World Heritage in Mie

「三重を知ろう」世界遺産 - 熊野古道

2014/04/18 Friday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie

The Kumano Kodo is a series of old roads that connect 3 prefectures ( Mie , Nara and Wakayama ) . These sacred trails of more than 1,000 years of history  have been used in the past and are still used in the present as pilgrimage routes to three large existing sanctuaries in the region ( Kumano Hongu Taisha , Kumano Hayatama Taisha and Kumano Nachi Taisha ) . The routes are geographically separated into sub – routes :
” Nakahechi ” , ” Kohechi ” , ” Oohechi ” , ” Iseji, among others ” .

kumano kodo (2)The Kumano Kodo, thus considered “Sacred Ground of the Kii Mountains Region and Pilgrimage Route “, received the honor of being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on July 7, 2004 , which became the place renowned in the world.

Walking through the Kumano Kodo brings an incredible sense of peace of mind .

Much of the history of Japan is on these roads , which still provide a lovely setting for visitors who venture through ancient roads of Kumano .

kumano kodo (1)

The images you are seeing are Magose Tōge between Miyama-chō and Owase-shi , part of the route Iseji . A well-known path, made ​​with stones that stretches for 3km to the center of a beautiful cypress forest, a splendid nature all the way .

kumano kodo (3)In 2014, the Kumano Kodo completes 10 years as World Heritage Site , and visit this beautiful place is a great option for leisure and family fun . The Higashi Kishu region offers beautiful scenery all the way and the locals are very kind .

You will find many route entries for the Kumano Kodo in Owase and Kumano , but we suggest you to visit the ” Kumano Kodo Center ” for more detailed information.

Kumano Kodo Center – http://www.kumanokodocenter.com/index.html

Come with your family and get to know this region of Mie, which offers beautiful scenery and lots of Japanese culture and traditions . You will record beautiful souvenir photos .


[Tsu] Mie Citizens Day 2014

2014/04/18 Friday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie


Mie Citizens Day 2014

Commemorative Event and Mie Prefectural Museum Opening!

 Date and Time: Saturday, 19 April, 2014 10:00-16:00

 Location: Mie Center for the Arts  Mie Prefectural Museum: MieMu

Theme: The Birth of a New Museum- Creating Tomorrow Today


Events at the Mie Prefectural Museum: MieMu

Open hours: 9:00-19:00 (events at the museum begin at 9:00)

9:00 Museum Opening Ceremony (visitors can view the main exhibit for free on opening day)


Events at the Mie Center for the Arts, Event Plaza and Knowledge Plaza (10:00-16:00)

10:00 Opening Ceremony with a performance by the Mie Prefectural Police Band

Exhibits, hands-on workshops, local food and more available at various booths

10:30-11:30 Enpaku Mie 2014 Opening Event


Events at the Mie Center for the Arts, Medium Hall (12:30-15:15)

12:30- Airing of the MieMu Commercial featuring Mie citizens

13:00- Outstanding Citizen Award Ceremony (A raffle for spectacular prizes will follow the ceremony. Raffle tickets will be distributed starting at 12:00)

13:40-15:15 Keynote speech- “Museums: A Paradise of Knowledge Overflowing with New Discoveries and Surprises”

Speaker: Hideki Endo, The University Museum, Tokyo University

Profile: A veterinary scientist and comparative anatomist, Mr. Endo discovered the giant panda’s seventh digit, and the mechanism by which pandas grip bamboo. His work involves deriving clues about evolutionary history from the bodies of animals.


Events at the Mie Center for the Arts, Large, Medium and Small Meeting Rooms (10:00-16:00)

Traveling Exhibits and Workshops from the Machikado Museum, Saiku Historical Museum, and Itukinomiya Hall for Historical Experience


Mie Center for the Arts – Festival Plaza and Knowledge Plaza (10:00 – 16:00)

64 stalls will be set up in the Festival and Knowledge Plazas, featuring not only introductions to organizations and their activities, but also stalls by local restaurants and shops selling food and goods.

** Items on sale and workshop sessions will be supplied on a first come, first served basis, and will close when they are no longer available.

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