Exploring Mie – Akame Shijyu Hachi Taki


2014/12/04 Thursday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie

Image1The nature is plentiful in Nabaricity region, Mie prefecture. We will present the AkameShijyuHachiTaki, a place where you can see many waterfalls and enjoy the wonderful nature. This tourist attraction is located in the centre of Akame Aoyama National Park, and there is a4km path that runs along many waterfalls. In this region, the seasons are well- defined, in spring the cherry blossoms, in summer the exuberant foliage and in autumn the multicolored leaves, make the place wonderful, where the waterfalls landscape is ideal for walking and trekking.

This place is well-known, as in the past it was the place for Igaryu ninja practice. Next to the waterfalls, there is a place called “Ninja no Mori”, where children can experience ninjyutsu practice. Depending on the season, there are night illumination and decorated candles display. This local is ideal to take pictures, both day and night.Image3

In the waterfalls entrance we can see the “Japan Salamander Center”, there are some 60 salamander including species originated from Akame region. It is a rare kind of animal museum.

The clear water of this region was selected as one of the “100 best waters of Heisei Era”,besides it is considered the salamander natural habitat, a natural monument from Japan. This wide area of natural beauty wasselected as one of the “100 best waterfalls”, “100 best forests” and “100 best trekking routes” in Japan.

In order to catch a glimpse of all this natural beauty, the round trip takes about 3 hours.

We asked Mr. Miyamoto Atsushi, representative from Akame Valley 48 Waterfalls Preservation Center on the wonders of this place.

Image4– Could you tell us about the wonders of AkameShijyuHachiTaki?

This valley was formed 15 million years ago, the clear waters shaped this chain of volcanos, forming a natural museum. Visitants can see the beauty of this place since the entrance.

Another wonder is the great number of waterfalls. Normally, there is only one waterfall, but here following the trail, it is possible to see the waterfalls one by one, and go through their upside.Image7

– Is there a tip for the visitors? Could you tell us?

What I would like to ask the visitors is that to use suitable shoes to visit the place. Since there are many stones on the trail, we ask the visitors to avoid using sandals or slippers. There is no need to use boots for climbing, but shoes that can protect your feet.

And, if the visitorsfollow the trail until the end, it may be late to return, so we ask them to determine their route according to their physical condition, in order to enjoy the waterfalls beauty.

 Image6Could you please leave a message to foreigner residents?

Come to explore the beauty of this wonderful place. In AkameShijyuHachiTaki, during the trail, you can have an interesting communication with Japanese locals, besides enjoying a wonderful nature.

Seeing beautiful waterfalls, walking through a trail and refreshing with negative ions, all this will bring many benefits both for body and mind.

Come you too to explore this place, that is ideal to enjoy the beautiful nature along with friends and family, take beautiful pictures and spend a nice day.



Adult: 400 yen

Children (students up to 15 years old): 150 yen


By train: get off at “Akame-guchi” station and take a 10- minute bus towards “AkameTaki”

By car: coming from Osaka byMeihan Expressway, the place is located 20 km from “Hari IC” exit

By car: coming from Nagoya byMeihan Expressway, the place is located 25 km from “Ueno IC” exit

Home page

AkameShijyuHachiTakiKeikokuHoshoukai: http://www.akame48taki.com


[Tsu] Gifts from the Cultural Foundation of Okada: The Foundation’s 35th Anniversary

2014/12/04 Thursday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie

2014年12月13日(土)~2015年 2月15日(日)に「岡田文化財団設立35周年記念 コレクション展」が開催されます

Mie Prefectural Art Museum Exhibition

“Gifts from the Cultural Foundation of Okada: The Foundation’s 35th Anniversary”

Okada Cultural Foundation was established in 1979 aiming “to promote and develop the culture and art related to Mie Prefecture”. Until today, this foundation gave support to the donations of national and international arts, in addition to give assistance to Mie Prefectural Art Museum activities, since its opening in 1982. The donations of works of art reached about 400 items. In order to celebrate the 35 years of the foundation, the works will be on display in the main building and will be divided into 4 chapters.

Date: 2014, December 13 (Sat) to 2015, February 15 (Sun)

Closed: Monday (if Monday is a holiday, the museum closes on the next day)

Beginning and the end of the year: 2014, December 29 (Mon) to 2015, January 3 (Sat) and January 13 (Tue)

Hour: 9:30 am to 5 pm (entrance is permitted until 4:30 pm)

Place: Mie Kenritsu Bijyutsukan (Mie Prefectural Art Museum)
(〒514-0007 Mie-ken, Tsu-shi, Otani-cho 11)

– Adult: ¥500 *(¥400)
– College and vocational course’s students: ¥400 *(¥300)
– High School students and under: free entrance

* ( ) indicates admission fee for groups above 20 people
*This admission fee is the same for permanent exhibitions
*On 2014, December 21 (Sun) and 2015, January 18 (Sun), considered as “katei no hi” (family’s day), please refer the admission fee for groups.