Learn about Multiculturalism!


2011/12/22 Thursday Seminars and Events

Title: Learn about Multiculturalism!
Location: AEON Kuwana Shopping Centre (formerly MyCal Kuwana) Kuwana-shi Shin-nishikata 1-22
Description: •Stage events – Dance – Music – International Folklore
•International Exhibition – Introductions to exhibitioners, organizations and activities, panel displays and more
International costume corner • Craftwork
・Stage events‥‥1st Floor Fountain Plaza
・International exhibition‥‥2nd Floor JADI Mall
Date: 2012-01-14

[Iga] Japanese Course for Work

2011/12/22 Thursday Seminars and Events


Participants should be able to easily read and write Hiragana/Katakana, read approximately 30 basic Kanji, and have a certain level of daily conversation skills.
You can also learn some basic computer skills.

January 26.27.31
February (16 days in total)

Time: 9:15~11:45
Local: Iga-shi, Fureai Plaza – 3F
Tuition: Free (Textbook price:¥1,000)
You need to apply