Rabies, Vaccinations and Dog Records

『狂犬病の予防注射』と『犬の登録』について。 犬を飼っている人は注意しましょう。

2013/04/05 Friday Health

Mie Prefectural Government Notice: Rabies, Vaccinations and Dog Records

Rabies is a disease prevalent in most countries around the world and is caused by the Rabies Virus. It can affect many species, not just dogs, and passes from infected animals to humans through saliva. It is a very serious disease which has an almost 100% mortality rate once symptoms appear

Despite advances in current medical technology the disease remains largely untreatable. Each year approximately 55,000 people across the world die after contracting the disease, mostly in Asia and Africa. In Japan there have been no recorded instances of rabies in animals since 1957 but as the movements of people and animals across the globe increases there is also an increased chance that rabies may return to Japan. In order to prevent an outbreak of rabies in Japan, we require you to do two things.vacina-destaque

First, please vaccinate your dogs against rabies. Many people are under the impression that they do not need to vaccinate against rabies because there has not been an outbreak in Japan for more than fifty years. However, there is no guarantee that it will not return. It makes no difference whether you keep your pet indoors or not, we ask all dog owners to protect their dogs and vaccinate them against rabies.

Second, in the case of an outbreak of rabies, it is necessary for the government to know who owns a dog and details about animals in the prefecture. To help us with this we ask you to keep a Dog Record. Please keep one record for each dog; you are obligated under the Rabies Prevention Law to vaccinate your dog each year against rabies. Not vaccinating your pet is punishable by law. Vaccinations for your pet can be received throughout April in Mie Prefecture at your local veterinarian centre or at organized general vaccination sessions in a town or city near you. You can obtain a Dog Record at your local municipal office.

The dates and locations of local general vaccination sessions can be obtained from your local government information publication. Please enquire to your local government for more information.


Event:Koi Carp Banners Flying High 

2013/04/05 Friday Health

4月18日(木曜日)から5月6日(月曜・休日)まで津市で 「はるのそうぶんへ行ってみよう!こいのぼりがいっぱい!!」 が開催されます。

Koi Carp Banners Flying High - Visit the Mie Prefectural Centre for the Arts this Spring !

When: Thursday 18th April to Monday 6th May 2013
Where: main entrance and plaza

Mie Prefecture Centre for the Arts will be displaying koi-nobori (koi carp banners) in its main entrance and outdoor plaza between Thursday 18th April and May 6th. The display will show off over 150 colourful banners which have been donated by people from both Mie Prefecture and all over Japan.

The Exciting Theatre Experience Tour!


When: Friday 3rd May 2013
1st Session: 10:30 to 12:00  2nd Session: 14:00 – 15:30
※A backstage tour is available after the production finishes, please apply on the day of the event
Places: 30 children (limited to elementary school students who can take part without parental supervision)
Applications: to take part please submit the following details by Wednesday 3rd April (applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis): preferred session time, name of participant, school age, phone number, address and number of accompanying persons. Submit applications by phone, fax or email to the addresses below.

Mie Prefectural Centre for the Arts General Affairs Division

TEL:059-233-1105 / FAX:059-233-1106 / E-mail:soumu@center-mie.or.jp

Call for Koi Carp Banners!
We’re currently looking for more koi carp banners from Mie and beyond to put on display this spring. If you have any old banners that your family no longer needs then we’re happy to take them off your hands!

・ We are unable to cover any shipping costs. We ask for your understanding.
・ Donated koi carp banners will not be returned.
・ Due to limited space available, if we receive too many we may not be able to display all koi carp banners received.
Please send your old banners to: Mie Prefectural Centre for the Arts General Affairs Division
〒514-0061 Mie Prefecture Tsu City Isshinden Koujibeta 1234
Enquiries to TEL:059-233-1105 / FAX:059-233-1106 / E-mail:soumu@center-mie.or.jp