Ise Katagami – Tradition of Mie


2014/06/16 Monday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie

In this video we will present Ise Katagami, an important and traditional art in Mie’s culture, and it is also part of the traditional handicrafts determined by the country.

Ise Katagami 1

Ise Katagami is an art that involves cutting the designs made on special paper, forming molds which have been widely used in the Edo era, mainly to dye kimonos. It is a very detailed artistic work that requires precision and skill. Each job is unique and original, resulting in high quality work.

Ise Katagami 5

[Interview Mr. Kamiya Shozo – Traditional Products Center of Suzuka]

Initially, Ise Katagami was one of the materials used to dye kimono fabric. Firstly, the outline of the drawing that is in Ise Katagami is cut and then it is used as a template for dyeing. The prints of kimono fabrics were made from Ise Katagami.

Ise Katagami 2

The origin of Ise Katagami is uncertain. This technique was used in the stamping of kimono fabric, since many centuries ago.

Ise Katagami 3

[Interview  Mr. Kamiya Shozo – Traditioal Products Center of Suzuka]

There are several theories about the history of Ise Katagami, there are theories dated from 1000 years ago, but the closest one is a legend of less than 1000 years. There are reliable data that the Ise Katagami molds were cut 400 years ago, at the end of the Muromachi era. In the old graphics, it is possible to see people cutting the Ise Katagami.

For those who wants to learn this traditional technique from Japan, in the city of Suzuka there is a place called “Suzuka-shi Dentou Sangyou Kaikan” which provides detailed information and features an exhibition of works, photos and other items related to this traditional art . Also, there is a place where tools and ready works of Ise Katagami and other articles related to this art are on sale.

A practical training of Ise Katagami is avaiable for free. You can get more information in the Service Desk of the site.

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[Interview  Mr. Kamiya Shozo – Traditional Products Center of Suzuka]

About experiencing Ise Katagami work, we have this bookmark that each person can make 1 unit free. In the case of group visits, there is a fee of ¥ 100 per person but if the visit is individual, you can do it for free so I would like to invite everyone to come and visit this place.

The site is closed on Mondays and open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Come with your family and learn this traditional art of Mie. By doing practical training, you will certainly have a fun afternoon.


[Kumano] Special Exhibit “The Work of Masters- The Beauty of Woodwork and Lacquering”

2014/06/16 Monday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie

平成26年6月15日(日) まで熊野古道センター企画展「匠の業~ 木工・漆工の美~」開催中

The 10th Anniversary of the Kumano Kodo’s Designation as a World Heritage Site

Special Exhibit “The Work of Masters- The Beauty of Woodwork and Lacquering”


Exhibit Dates: Until Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hours: 9AM-5PM

Location: Kumano Kodo Center(〒519-3625 Owase-shi, Mukai 12-4 TEL:0597-25-2666)




In the Higashi-Kishu region, which has developed since ancient times as an area for forestry and fishing, residents have lived on the bounty of the mountains and seas. This exhibit features pieces by masters who specialize in woodwork and lacquering that are imbued with a sense of gratitude towards nature.

“Owase Wappa”—wooden food containers used by mountain men and fishermen for centuries renowned as one of Mie’s traditional crafts—will be on display alongside furniture made of Japanese horse-chestnut wood, which embodies the masters’ deep knowledge of various types of wood and the beauty found in the natural grain and curvature of the source material.

kumano kodo center exposition