Gozaisho- A place to enjoy all the year


2015/01/30 Friday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie

Image3Gozaisho – A place to enjoy all the year

Introduction – Leo Satsukawa (TabunkaKyousei-ka)

Hello everyone. Today we will present a well- known place in Mie Prefecture. Gozaisho is a place that worth a visit, since there are activities all year round. So, let’s get to know a little more about Gozaisho.



I believe there are many people who still does not know Gozaisho, could you tell us about this place?

“Mount Gozaisho, with its 1,212 meters tall, is well- known because it is a proper place for hiking and climbing, in addition to be a mountain with a ropeway.  As you can see, despite the great amount of snow, the place is very accessible. Mount Gozaisho is a very interesting tourist attraction, since it offers an excellent panoramic view.



How is Gozaisho Ski Resort?

“I imagine most of people think “Is there a ski resort in Mie?” “There is no ski resort in Mie!” Everyone may think like that, butthis is the only ski resort in Mie.  The ski course is small, but ideal for beginners. Therefore, for those who intend to start skiing or have interest in skiing, here is the best place to learn the essential. Ideal to beginners”.



Excluding the winter, how is Gozaisho in the other seasons?

“In Japan the four season are well defined, and in Mount Gozaisho it is possible to catch a glimpse at the beauty when the season changes. It is the proper place to enjoy the beauty of this phenomenon of nature. Residents who live on the foot of Mount Gozaisho, just by looking at it, they notice if it is spring, summer, autumn or winter. But, in nature surrounds, it is possible to see the transition between the seasons, see thisphenomenon of nature, it is fabulous”.



Could you leave a message to foreign residents?

“Welcome to Japan! For foreigners who live in Japan, especially in Mie Prefecture, I would like to say this winter this place will be covered by heavy snow! And I also would like to invite everyone to explore this world, where the temperature is below zero, experience this icy season of the year. I believe the other seasons, spring, summer and autumn will be very interesting to get to know.”


Did you all like Gozaisho? Here is a very good place to enjoy with your family and friends. In Mie Info website there are other tips on tourist attractions. So, see you soon.

Opening hours

【From April 1 to November 30】

Ropeway: from 9am to 5pm (last depart from the summit: 5:20pm)

【From December 1 to March 31】

Ropeway: from 9am to 4pm (last depart from the summit: 4:20pm)

*Changes in opening hours in the other facilities may occur (chairlift, restaurant, etc). For more details, refer the Gozaisho Ropeway website.

Ropeway admission:

Individual fee Double pass (Round trip) Single Pass (one-way or return)
Standard fee Adult:(from junior high school age ) ¥2,160 ¥1,240
Children(from 4 years old to 6 grade age of elementary school) ¥ 1,080 ¥620

*A special fee is applicable to people with disabilities and for groups. Please, get information on the ticket office.

Chair lift:

Classification Double pass (Roundtrip) Single Pass (One-way or return)
From ropeway station to the summit station (Ropeway station – Chojyo station) ¥600 ¥300
From ropeway station to the antelope station (Ropeway station- Kamoshika station) ¥300
From antelope station to the summit station (Kamoshika station- Chojyo station) ¥300


Parking (daily fee)

Classification Fee
Standard size car ¥1,000
Large size car ¥2,000
Motorcycle ¥500


Gozaisho Ropeway official website:


[Matsusaka] Mie Kodomo no Shiro: Planetarium Movie “My First Winter in Space “

2015/01/30 Friday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie

2015年1月17日(土)~3月31日(火) みえこどもの城プラネタリウム番組

“My First Winter in Space ~ Why is the night sky brightly colored?!”

kodomo no shiro

A night when the snow is falling, Shiruru and his friend draw a picture of the stars for a drawing competition. Are the colors and shapes of the stars in their drawing really the same as the ones in the sky?

To make sure, they decide to go and observe the night sky.  And what they find is something unexpected!

Also experience a tour of the stars with our theatre staff!

Playing:  Saturday, 17th January 2015 ~ Tuesday, 31st March 2015

On weekends, public holidays and weekdays during the spring school holiday

Program: “My First Winter in Space” movie (20 minutes) followed by a tour of the stars led by theatre staff (20 minutes)

Session Times:        ① 11:00am ~ 11:40am         ② 2:00pm ~ 2:40pm

Venue: Mie Kodomo no Shiro – Dome Theater

Chubu-dai Undō Kōen, 1291 Tachinochō, Matsusaka-shi, Mie-ken

みえこどもの城 ドームシアター

〒515-0054 松阪市立野町1291中部台運動公園内

TEL:  0598-23-7735


– Adults: 400 yen

– Primary, Middle and High School students: 200 yen

–  Children over 3 years old: 100 yen

How to Attend: Buy a ticket from the machine at the entrance on the first floor.  No prior registration required.

Participants: Maximum 220

For more information about other movies and events, visit the Mie Kodomo no Shiro homepage: