Introducing the Kumano Kodo Center


2014/05/10 Saturday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie

In this video we will introduce the Kumano Kodo Center that is located in Owase . The Kumano Kodo Center offers visitors a walk through history, culture and traditions of the Higashi-Kishu region ( Kihoku-cho , Owase-shi , Kumano-shi , Mihama-cho , Kiho-cho).

kumano kodo center 2

It is an imposing and magnificent beauty construction. It was built with cypress wood from the Owase region and cedar from Kumano region . Around 7,000 cypress trees were used for its exotic structure.  The scent of cypress is striking during the visit.

The Kumano Kodo Center is a cultural institution established by Mie Prefecture and it was built in 2007, in commemoration of the Kumano Kodo record in 2004 as a World Heritage Site. The purpose of the center is to inform visitors about the region and the routes , promote exchanges between residents of the neighborhood and revitalize (rivaralize) this area by conducting various events .

kumano kodo center

The Kumano Kodo Center is divided into 3 main buildings that offer different activities for visitors.

kumano kodo center 31 – Exchange area – An area where locals gather nearby and visitors can learn and experience art with cypress and other materials from the region . Several activities open to the public are held.

2 – Display area – in this area visitors will find a permanent exhibition about the history , nature and culture of Kumano Kodo Area . In a planned exhibition hall , exhibitions with various themes are held.

3 – Field studies and collections – it is a special area approved to the important cultural heritage , with study materials related to the Kumano Kodo and Higashi Kishu region.

kumano kodoIn display area we found many interesting aspects which are worth to be seen and appreciated . In 2014 we will celebrate 10 years of the Kumano Kodo declaration as a World Heritage. In Kumano Kodo Center visitors will find full information on this route that covers 3 prefectures ( Mie , Nara and Wakayama ) and it is one of the most important sights of Japan.

By replicas, genuine materials and exhibits, visitors can learn about the culture of Kumano Kodo region and are led to a cultural journey from the ancient villages of the Edo period to modern times.

Everyone will be impressed by the beautiful display and will learn much about the culture and traditions of this region.

kumano kodo mie kenThere are photos on display and real examples of local fauna and flora. Examples of woods and trees , seeds and other curiosities that make this region a very special place. You can even learn about the main seafood and fish that are catched . Owase city is well known by the great amount of yellowtail fishing (buri).

Besides the permanent exhibition on the history and beauty of the four seasons of Kumano Kodo, the display area features other attractions as temporary exhibitions of diverse themes.

Make a visit to Kumano Kodo Center and have a nice day of full knowledge about the culture and traditions of the Higashi Kishu region.

Getting there –  By Train

Use the ” Tokkyu JR Wide View Nanki ” , from Nagoya . This express train pass through Kuwana, Yokkaichi, Suzuka, Tsu and Matsusaka. Get off at “Owase” station. Then use the fixed route bus headed to ” Kii – Matsumoto ” (about 10 minutes ) and get off at ” Kumano Kodo Center Mae “.

By Car

Through highway ” Ise Jidousha – dō ” headed to Ise in ” Seiwa Taki JCT ” get in the ” Kise Jidousha – dō ” highway and get off at ” Owase Kita IC ” . Cross route 42 and continue straight ahead on route 778 along the beach front, it takes about 10 minutes to the location .It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes from ” Tsu IC ” exit to Kumano Kodo Center.

Enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and the mountains you will have in the path, it will be a great tour . If you get lost, do not hesitate to ask the locals , they are always solicitous and helpful.

[Contert] Fantastic Double Reed Oboe: Kazuhiro Miyamura

2014/05/10 Saturday Culture and Leisure., Exploring-Mie


One Coin Concert vol.48 Fantastic Double Reed
Oboe: Kazuhiro Miyamura
Piano: Toshiki Usui

Date: Wednesday 14th May, 2014

image001Time: Doors open at 10:45am and the performance will begin at 11:30am

Venue: Mie Prefecture Centre for the Arts Grand Hall

(〒514-0061 Mie-ken Tsu-shi Isshinden Kouzubeta 1234, tel: 059-233-1122)

Admission: 500 yen (all unassigned seating)

Ticket Sales: No advanced sales. Please pay upon admission to the venue.

Childcare: a babysitting service for pre-school children and babies is available on a first come, first served basis upon application.

Special gift! Everyone who attends the concert will receive a small present!

The One Coin Concert series is an enjoyable series of casual concerts where for a single 500 yen coin you can enjoy an hour of light music.