Let’s balance the prevention of the coronavirus infection and the prevention of heat stroke


2021/07/21 Wednesday Announcements, Coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus preventive measures, the use of face masks had became a common practice.  However, temperature rises during summer, increasing the risk of heat stroke.

If no one is near you, remove your mask temporarily and always stay hydrated.  Take precautions for heatstroke but at the same time maintaining the preventive measures against the coronavirus.

Maintain your health by preventing heat stroke while maintaining the new normal (Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), only in Japanese.

To prevent heat stroke, follow these preventive measures:

  • If you are more than 2 meters away from other people outdoors, remove your mask.
  • When wearing a mask, avoid strenuous exercise.
  • Even if you’re not thirsty, don’t forget to stay hydrated (the recommendation is to drink 6 glasses of water, about 1.2 liters, a day).
  • Even if the air conditioner is turned on, keep the room ventilated (normally, home air conditioners circulate indoor air but do not ventilate the room).
  • Exercise daily to keep your body healthy enough to resist the heat.

Things You Should Know About Heat stroke

  • If the heat stroke alert was issued, stop physical exercise and go to a cool place (if the forecast indicates that there is a high possibility of heat stroke in places with high temperature, the heat stroke alert will be issued in the morning of the same day or in the afternoon of the previous day).
  • About 80% of deaths from heat stroke are in the elderly over 65 years of age.
  • More than half of heat strokes of aged 65 and over occurs at home.

Elderly people, children and people with disabilities are more susceptible to heat stroke.  Authorities asks for your help to raise awareness to everyone about heat stroke.

The number of people infected with Covid-19 are increasing in Mie

2021/07/21 Wednesday Announcements, Coronavirus


Currently, the number of infections among foreign nationals and people with foreign roots are increasing Mie, according to late-July data.  And cases of infections among family members who live in the same household are also increasing.

The virus has turned into a very infectious “mutant strain”.  Cases are increasing indoors, poorly ventilated and enclosed places and even outdoors.

Our actions are very important to prevent the spread of the infection.  Let’s do what we can in order to have a safe summer.

  1. Don’t bring the virus into your home in Mie
  • As much as possible, avoid going to and from areas with widespread infection. Please reduce contact with people and be careful not to bring the virus into Mie prefecture and into your home.
  1. Avoid acts that can transmit the virus if infected and avoid not to become infected
  • There are many people who do not have symptoms even if they are infected. Even if you don’t have clear symptoms like a cough or fever, always wear a mask.  Chatting without a mask can transmit the virus.
  • Do not eat or have barbecues with too many people. This can increase the risk of infections among your friends and family.
  • When eating in restaurants, choose restaurants that are registered under the “Anshin Mieria”, Mie’s hospitality and safety facility certification system that complies with the guidelines to reduce the risk of infections.
  • If you are not feeling well, avoid going outside. Rest at home and avoid contact with others.
  1. We will introduce past infection cases, so please refer to it.
  • In a martial arts school, students trained without wearing a face mask and 12 people became infected.
  • Two different families had a meal together without the use of a face mask and did not do the social distancing. 8 people got infected.
  • Chatting without wearing a face mask during lunch break at work
  • Friends talked without wearing a face mask in the car while commuting.

About the vaccine

Please consider vaccination after knowing the effects and side reactions of the vaccine.  If you have any problems with vaccination reservations, please call Mie’s “Coronavirus Vaccine for Foreigners Inquiry Line”  (Mie Gaikokujin Corona Vaccine Soudan Dial – みえ外国人コロナワクチン相談ダイアル): 080-3123-9173.

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