Information About the Coronavirus Vaccination


2021/02/12 Friday Announcements, Coronavirus

The vaccination for the coronavirus will begin in some municipalities.  Mie Prefecture announced the official details as of February 3, 2021. For more information, see the homepage or press releases for the region where you live.

  1. Who can get the vaccine

Everyone who is a registered resident of Mie

  1. Vaccination fee


  1. Period of vaccination

If the government approves the vaccine’s safety and initiates the distribution process, the vaccination will be given in following order:

1 – Health service providers

2 – Seniors over 65 (people born before April 1, 1957)

3 – People with health problems and asylum workers, etc.

4 – The rest of the citizens

* Vaccination for healthcare providers is expected to begin in mid-February, and for the elderly to begin as early as April 1.

  1. Vaccination location

The vaccine will be given in hospitals or vaccination centers in the place where you live.

  1. How to take the vaccine
  • Vaccination will be in 2 stages. Both in the first and in the second stage, vaccines from the same pharmaceutical company will be administered.
  • The “Vaccine Ticket” (Sesshu-ken – 接種 券) and “New Coronavirus Vaccine Announcement” (Shingata Coronavirus Sesshu no Oshirase – 新型 コ ロ ナ ワ ク チ ン 接種 の お 知 ら ら Será) will be sent by the municipal authorities.
  • Reservation will be required to receive vaccination.

Reference: Homepage of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

If you are experiencing difficulties due to the coronavirus, call the Mie Consultation Center for Foreign Residents

TEL: 080-3300-8077 (Assistance in several languages)

Monday to Friday and Sundays (closed on Saturdays and public holidays), from 9 am to 5 pm

Financial assistance for required costs to attend compulsory education 2021

2021/02/12 Friday Announcements, Coronavirus

小中学校に通うお子さんを持つ保護者の方へ 就学に必要な費用の援助について

For parents/ guardians of children attending elementary and junior high school (shogakko and chugakko)

In order to help the families going through hard financial situation to maintain their children attending compulsory education aschools (shogakko and chugakko), cities and municipalities offer an aid to cover the necessary costs.  It is necessary to make a request to receive it.  The financial assistance amount corresponds to the following items:

< Example >

  1. Cost of school supplies (inlcuded school entrance material)
  2. Cost of school meals
  3. Cost of extracurricular activities
  4. Medical expenses
  5. Expenses related to school enrollment
  6. Cost of educational trips, among others

<Documents for request >

The form to request this financial assistance is available at schools of compulsory education (shogakko,chugakko) and at the Board of Education office where you live. Application deadline, as well as entrance location differ according to each city and municipality. Families who need to request this aid should consult in advance the school their children are attending or the local Board of Education.

The request should be made anually. For those families who need to continue receiving the aid, they should make the request again in 2021.

<Target public>

To be eligible to receive this financial assistance, it is necessary to meet the conditions determined by each city or municipality. The requirements and norms vary according to each city and municipality, therefore, contact the local Body of Education to have detailed information.

As a reference, we will mention the requirements and norms set by Tsu city.

Reference (Related to Tsu city)

For school years 2020 and 2021, in addition to live in Tsu city, the following items should be met:

  1. Have suspended or discontinued the Subsistence Aid (Seikatsu Hogo)
  2. Exempted from residential tax
  3. Receiving the Child Rearing Allowance (Jido Fuyu Teate)
  4. Going through hard financial situation to enroll the child on the compulsory education and have an income below the following determined amount.

Reference: basis of income standards for aid subsidiaries

Base amount of income: Family with 2 people Family with 3 people Family with 4 people Family with 5 people
Family’s total income About ¥2 million About ¥ 2,60 million About ¥3,10 million About ¥3,30 million

*These are the criteria for the city of Tsu and may change according to the municipality. According to the number of people per family, as well as the age of each member, among other issues, the standard estimate may be different.